Wedding Design and Styling

kt merry

When I was 12 years old, one of my cousins planned her wedding reception in her beautiful backyard, on a sunny summer day. On the morning of her wedding, the sky suddenly became black, thunderstorms ensued, and a bride's dream was almost crushed. The whole family went to the church ceremony disenchanted and I stayed behind, determined to let my cousin have her day as beautiful as she imagined it to be! When they came back, they watched in amazement that everything was set inside the house, arranged and assembled for a gorgeous wedding reception. That is how, by making someone else's dream possible, I found my own dream.

Today, as a Wedding Designer, the best part of my job is to get to know each client personally, so every detail will reflect their personality and lifestyle. With a passion for detail, an obsessive drive for the perfect setting, and a keen eye for design, I strive only to make your special celebration nothing short of unique and unforgettable.


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