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"I found Eileen after searching online for wedding inspiration. Photos of her weddings were all over wedding sites, pinterest and online wedding magazines. When the images kept linking to her website I started researching her a little more. Because I am very picky and it was very important to me NOT to have a "cookie cutter" wedding I did also research other planners and had spoken to several. But once Eileen gave me a call it was over. I could tell after 5 minutes on the phone with her that she was the right fit for me.

I have worked as an Art Director for Victoria's Secret for 8 years on photoshoot and campaign development. The creative processes around a campaign and a wedding are very similar in the way you tell the story you want to tell and Eileen gets that. I couldn't believe how creative she was, passionate and how important it was for her to make every wedding unique and special. In my career I have worked with the best. The most talented, creative set producers, stylist and I don't say this lightly, but Eileen could easily work right next to them. She has the eye and the taste level that is without exception. I can't tell you how many of my friends and family were raving about my wedding being so unique and they wish they would have used a planner. I smiled because it wasn't that I used a planner that made it perfect, it was the planner I used. And I trusted her in everything.

My wedding was a destination wedding so I was a little nervous about seeing it all together for the first time the day of my wedding. But when I say every single detail came together as planned and as I imagined it I mean that. Every detail."

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